Runner's Stretching Routine

Below is a simple stretching routine that covers the major running muscles. If you have other favourite stretches that work well for you, you should continue to use them. This page is provided simply to illustrate how to do the stretches. To see a photo and description of a stretch, click on the title of that stretch.

Calf Stretch #1 Calf Stretch #2 Anterior Shin Stretch Hamstring Stretch

Lean against a wall. With your heel on the ground and knee straight, push your hips forward.

Lean against a wall. With your heel on the ground and knee bent, push your hips forward.

Sit on your shins/feet with your toes pointing directly backwards. Sit on the floor with one leg extended. Lean towards the extended leg.
Quadriceps Stretch Psoas Stretch ITB Stretch Groin Stretch
Stand on one leg. Bend your other leg and pull the heel towards your buttock. Extend one leg behind your body. Bend your front leg and push your hips forward. Stand on one leg. Lean sideways away from that hip. Place your other leg (dotted line) in front for balance. Stand with a wide stance. Straighten one leg, bend the other and lean towards the bent leg.
  Bum Stretch #1 Bum Stretch #2  
  Lie on your back. Cross one leg (dotted) over the other. Pull uncrossed leg up towards your chest. Sit with one leg bent. Cross the other leg over the bent leg. Try to press the hip of the crossed leg down to the ground.  

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